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Once again, our beloved Filipiniana Dance Company of Las Vegas was honored for their unending efforts to promote and support not just the Filipino culture, but the Asian heritage as a whole. On May 29th, 2010, Asian American Democratic Caucus honored the group by dedicating a college scholarship in their name. This is just an additional bonus on top of all the other commendations that the group is receiving. "We love doing what we do because we get to show our own children the things that they do not normally learn in school or books", by Sally Balecha, group's Secretary. "It's just like your mom would teach you how to do things when you we're growing up, teaching you by showing, by action, which sticks. It is similar way of teaching in a way, because when they watch us, they are engaged and it does'nt hurt that they are entertained as well".  It seems to be working, because now, Las Vegas can't get enough of Filipiniana Dance Company of LV. They have been performing tirelessly at several community events. Experience if for your self, "SAYAW" the show that they have been working on and they can't wait to share with everyone. Reserve your ticket to witness Filipiniana's dancing prowess on August 7, 2010. There will be 2 shows that day, 2pm and another one at 7pm. For more information, call Jacque De Joya at (702) 348-9745 or visit their website at http://www.filipinianalv.org

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