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Asst. Secretary:







Event Coordinator:


Props & Music Director:

Public Relation Officers:

Jacque De Joya            702-348-9745        jacque@dejoyagriffith.com

Ruby Scaglione             702-301-8772        ruby@warehouselasvegas.com

Sally Balecha                 702-596-3231        sally_balecha@yahoo.com

Ian Balido                         609-271-0104        ian.balido@att.net

Philip Danglapin             702-498-1826        fsdanglapin@yahoo.com

Carol Ong                       609-324-1691        carol_securred77@yahoo.com 

Ian Balido                         609-271-0104        ian.balido@att.net

Sonny Miguel                

Romy Avelino               

Fred “Roski” Durano (Click name for profile)

Lareina Casimiro           702-427-3646          reiny16@hotmail.com


Bien Ong                         702-217-4741          bien88@gmail.com

Robert Macabagal

Jaril Tudio                       702-481-1842           jaril.tudio@yahoo.com



Board  of Directors


Attorney Rex Velasquez                       702-810-9679                     lionrexv@aol.com

Mila Kemspki                                             702-809-2574                     milak.lv@cox.net

Carol Flores-Ong                                  702-324-1691                      carol_securred77@yahoo.com

Sally Balecha                                          702-596-3231                       sally_balecha@yahoo.com

Jorge Dikit                                                702-236-8138

Board of Advisors


Arthur De Joy, CPA                          702-296-8306                      arthur@dejoyagriffith.com

Cesar Elpidio                                          702-592-3067                      celpidio@aol.com

Rich Scaglione                                        702-480-1912                       rscaglione@warehouselasvegas.com

Tonie Sison                                            702-796-5551                        toniesison@yahoo.com 

An organization that’s missing leaders to lead the group will never be successful...below you will get to know our leaders…